Do you have a new place and want to move your home furniture? Do not worry or think about how to move furniture. We do this task for you very quickly and very easily.

We are the best furniture transfer company in Alexandria We have a large team to carry out the tasks with furniture large size and heavy weight equipped with technicians specialized in the dismantling and installation of furniture rooms of different types and equipped with the customer team cars modern work to transport furniture in Alexandria and to the places agreed upon with customers, From the client regarding the transfer of the nest inside Alexandria we go to the house of the client and we cut the pieces of furniture and processing and then separated on the basis of breakable we are packaged by air crackers that act as a protective layer between the outer body of pieces and other pieces of furniture and to keep them from The secret or scratching and then placed in cartons for the sake of peace and then the pieces are unbreakable and be careful in the transfer of not being subjected to scratching or damage, the process of loading Alafsh to cars are organized to work on the transfer of furniture in the lowest number of times without the need to go and return a lot Furniture transport cars equipped with iron box, allowing a higher degree of security on the outside of the affected by external factors such as the sun or rain.

When we receive a call through the customer service center is agreed by telephone details of the movables and prices after the completion is directed to the house of the client with the client team and the appropriate cars to carry out the furniture, then the technician dismantle and install bedrooms of all kinds with high experience to remove the bedrooms and all What is necessary to dismantle the furniture of the client's house taking into account the numbering of all the pieces to maintain the order of the completion of the installation process was not over, and then the workers go to load the pieces to the cars, taking care to keep the pieces good to avoid them or break them when loaded in the wrong way or work to carry them from the side Correct to Furniture and careful packaging all the pieces infinitely scratch or to break it to keep the furniture and all pieces of movables which protects furniture from being damaged Onthae beauty and download.

Alexandria Transport Company with packaging:
The role of packaging in the transportation and furnishing process is very important. We can give the customer a guarantee on all the pieces, even the breakable pieces. Large air bubbles are used in the packing process, which isolates the pieces from the other elements, even if the friction is directly between the parts. It is difficult to scratch any pieces of furniture or movables and the furniture can be broken or containing glass in thick cardboard boxes with the packaging of the pieces well before placing in the box and have secured his safety during the transfer process and ensure the maintenance of all pieces agreed to transfer Be with the customer without worrying about damage or scratching.

Moving furniture:
Whatever the quantity agreed or sizes required to transport, we are ready to transfer all kinds of furniture, furniture, home and office and all types of movables, whatever the difficulty of the task and we will carry out the process in a practical and very fast through intensive preparation and raising the capacity of the company to hundreds of trained manpower and experience in the field of work Spanning twenty years or more in the field of transport and transport giant, providing crew work cars to us a giant to accommodate any number of movables due to the large size of furniture and heavy weight processing for the transport of the basics of success in the completion of the process of moving furniture, whether inside Alexandria has met all other provinces.

Transfer and relocation:
In the process of moving or moving from the position of clean cleaning when customers get a new place, the first concern of their thinking is how to move the oven and furniture and other rooms of the house furniture to the new place, you just contact the transfer company Afsh Alexandria and we will do this for you in a short time Without the need for complications or additional expenses, taking into account the safety and peace on your furniture will be transferred without scratches or fractures or damage or loss, we are scientifically giving each piece of pieces Aladdash serial number when the process of loading from the old machine until the completion of the download process will be complete The number of these pieces is Without the need to calculate one by one and then give the client a detailed disclosure until the completion of the download in the new place and in this case the customer can review the contents of the download process without fatigue or fatigue, the process is very simplified by the transfer company Afsh modern scientific methods is very important to facilitate complex operations .
From the customers where we are working in the Saudi home service in providing maintenance services and household services to the time and burdensome customers.

Price Policy:

We believe in our efforts to achieve serious work and high speed in implementation. We have reduced our prices to reach all segments of customers who want to provide simple domestic services, which led to a radical impact on the level of services, we made offers throughout the hour

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