We are an enterprise specialized in the lifting and download of furniture and all movables through the facades of buildings with the latest tools to lift the German furniture, specially designed to raise and download furniture easily and safely to keep the customer and keep his belongings and those equipment Gateway
For vehicles equipped with hydraulic hoists stand in front of the desired property lift or drop furniture in which extends from a telescopic telescope like the safety of fire engines to the balcony or the window and then start to lift special furniture to move by the farmers increase and down to raise or drop furniture or other movables without the need To the ladders of buildings or ropes and pits that are dangerous and more expensive and more time and money and its many consequences of the injury and breakage and damage of movables
Distinguished service and technical work at the highest level and prices do not accept the competition
And service statement as follows
First: the service is to dismantle and move and lift furniture from the facade of the building of the balcony or the net and install all the contents of the house or company

Second: The company also improves the packaging services carried out by technicians specialized in packaging, and we also pack the best kinds of packaging materials

Third: The transfer process is carried out through the skilled workers trained on the transfer of baggage Transport is carried out in closed vehicles dedicated to the transfer of furniture
In order to preserve your privacy and to maintain furniture

Fourthly: For greater quality and excellence of our services: The company sends its representative to you immediately and this is to preview your contents and also to write the contract of the transfer process which guarantees the best service and also commitment
Al Rowad Foundation provides you and all your movables and possessions
Full safety
Farewell to internal friction during lift on stairs
Farewell to external friction during hoisting with winches and ropes
Goodbye to destroying and distorting your furniture and belongings expensive price due to the neglect of manual labor
Farewell to stripping your wood and furniture of the unsteadiness of stairs
Goodbye to breaking your glass and your broken possessions
Total insurance on movables.
Full supervision by specialized engineers and technicians
Lift and drop down furniture for home, office, metal, medical, sports, electrical appliances and air conditioning.
Lift and drop the furniture and movables safely through the facades

How much does it cost to transport furniture?

Ensure for its safety movables from scratching
Decomposition and installation of bedrooms - dining room - kitchen - with packaging
Removing and installing curtains - with packaging
Disassembling and installing adaptations - with packaging
Unpacking and drying - with packaging
All electrical appliances - with packaging

We offer you our best

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